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When you think of rewiring your whole home it seems like a huge project and one you are not sure is necessary to get it done. When you rewire your whole home it comes with so many benefits that even though it seems like a huge project, the benefits outweigh the stress of doing your whole home. Plus, it is not a DIY project. It is a project that you need to hire a professional electrician like Kelley Electrical Services.

Improves Electrical Safety

If you are living in an older home, often the wiring is outdated which can cause safety risks. If there are electrical failures or any type of malfunctions this could end up causing a fire in your home. When you invest in rewiring your whole home, it can reduce the risk of fire hazards caused by electrical work and reduce the amount of electrocution which can help keep your family and property safe.

Rewiring is Energy Efficient

With new modern wiring, it can help your home be more energy efficient. It is designed to make your home more energy efficient. When you upgrade wiring plus appliances, this can save you up to 30% on your energy. When the wiring is more energy efficient, it will lower your utility bills keeping more money in your pocket in the long run.

Does Rewiring a House Increase Value?

When you invest in rewiring your whole home, your property value will increase. When you are trying to sell your home, having the potential buyers know that there is new wiring in the home will be a good way to attract more people to come look at your home. When they know the whole home has been rewired, it can ultimately help you sell your home for a higher price.

Electrical Rewiring Increases Functionality

When you have old wiring in your home, you often have a hard time keeping up with all of the modern appliances and other components that your home has. When you upgrade the wiring for your whole home, it will become equipped to handle all of the modern technology. They will add more outlets, install smart home features, and make sure that your high-powered appliances can run on your newly rewired electrical system. Without having any issues and not tripping any breakers.

Up to Date on Billing Codes

There are local codes and regulations for your home and your electrical system. When you invest in a whole home rewiring, you can ensure that these codes and regulations are met. This can help ease your mind to know when your home is wired correctly plus it can help increase the sell or rent to any future buyers. When your home is compliant with the codes then you can avoid any fines or penalties for not being up to code.

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If you are ready to or looking into rewiring your home it will not disappoint you. There are so many benefits to rewiring your home from safety to increasing the price. It is hard to go wrong when you rewire your whole home. If you are in the market and ready to rewire your home, then give Kelley Electrical Services a call. Our professional electricians know what they are doing and have experience in rewiring the whole home.

The modern home or business could we be served with a standby generator, also known as the emergency or backup generator. These are designed to be used in those instances that the power goes down and restoration is an extended situation. If you live in the area where there is inclement weather, freezes or floods or iffy power utility power supply you may want to evaluate your need for a generator. Electronics need to be on uninterruptable power supply especially for computers. Without backup power your computers crash and possibly cause data loss. For businesses this can be critical. In areas with deteriorating electrical infrastructure this may necessitate access to backup power generation.

Medical Devices & Elderly Need Electricity

Hospitals and emergency services have a reputation for having backup power. It you have elderly living in your home that depend on medical machinery to operate a power loss can be critical to health and survival. In our southwestern climate heat levels can be detrimental to all our elderly with extended exposure to high temperatures. Hence, the AC system is a critical element of their health, comfort and survival.

Natural Gas Generator

Except in areas plagued by earthquakes the natural gas system tends to be by nature very reliable. A whole house backup generator that runs on natural gas would be a perfect solution to power your home. Natural gas has a good volume to power ratio, is clean burning and is essentially an inexhaustible fuel supply. Natural gas has the other characteristic is that there is no degeneration of the quality over time. A tank of propane or CNG, compressible natural gas, will be as good 100 years from now as it is today. Both common liquid fuels, gasoline and diesel break down over time. Modern diesel is a cocktail of additives and diesel and the additives can separate or break down over time. Gasoline must be vented but is a volatile fuel with a rather high evaporation rate and leaves behind a varnish or if it is humid it mixes with water in the air and becomes a sludge, and remember alcohol is hydroscopic, it attracts water. Of all the fuels propane has the least energy per volume of any of the fuels, while diesel reigns as king of the energy to volume ratio.

How Does a Modern Generator Work

The modern generator set, the engine and generator head, are electronically operated and governed. Electronics monitor the power feed and can detect when the power goes down. It will start the engine and will run and control it automatically. Switching devices make sure that the generator transfer is stopped at power restoration. The electronics can do maintenance startups and testing the unit and shutting it down.

Generator Provides Power & Light to Your House

If properly wired the unit will provide timely power, although there is a time delay starting the engine, so that critical electronics need a built-in battery unit to protect equipment from brown outs, blackouts and surges. Very little utility power is of high quality all the time and some surges are to be expected. But if a retail location loses power it has to shut down as the computer driven registers and credit/bank card machines can no longer handle transactions. A generator would provide power for lights and computerized transaction services.

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A standby generator is not frivolous, it can keep you going when all else is lost, and your competition is dead in the water. Kelley Electrical Services can meet all your electrical needs. Contact us today!

Your home is a place that you want to feel comfortable but you also want to make sure has the right elements in it to make it feel like you. The décor that you choose as well as the colors of the wall paint make up the style. One of the other areas of the home that makes a huge difference is the lights and the lighting fixtures that you choose. The lights that you use in the house make up how warm and inviting it might feel. If you have never upgraded your lights in the house it is a good time to look into it. There are lots of options that you have when upgrading your lights that you want to know what they all are.

Kelley Electrical Services List Lighting Upgrades for Your Consideration

Upgrades Beyond Builder Standards: When you go in your house you have to turn on some lights to make sure that you can see what you need to in the house. The lights that you have that might have come standard in your home may be lacking. That means that you need to use lighting fixtures that will often times need to be plugged into the wall as well as placed on a table. When you place the light on a table it has now caused you to design the space and the room around the table and the light. That is why you want to try and have the lights upgraded. You can talk to an electrician that can add lighting to your house that is ran through your electrical system. Then you can avoid using fixtures that need to be placed on a table or plugged into one of your outlets.
Lighting Solutions for Dark Rooms: When you have a room that is using a single lighting fixture it can be difficult to get the air to extend through the whole room. That means that there is a bright section of the room but then the rest of the room will be dim and dark. The best thing that you can do is to have lights installed in the space. Each room can have can lights that are installed in the ceiling of each room. Then you can have them turn on with a light switch and the light will be better balanced out. The lights can be spread around the room to be sure that there are not any dark areas.
Fun Lighting Ideas: Now that you have your lighting installed around the room to get that bright welcoming look you can then focus on some fun. It is a great time to add a fixture that is still installed on the ceiling but adds some character. You can use hanging lights over your kitchen table or over your countertops in your kitchen. You can also have a lighting fixture added to the entry way of your house such as a chandelier.

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Kelley Electrical Services can come out and make a plan to upgrade the lights in your house. Call us today!

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