Ken H.

April 4, 2015

When we needed complete, all new electrical wiring for our art studio, a well equipped commercial electrician from Kelley Electric Lighting & Design Inc showed up right on time, even though it wasn’t an emergency. Mike worked efficiently and confidently and completed all of the electrical work long before the other contractors arrived for the paneling etc. Before we even started, they did an electrical inspection and during the process they did the electrical troubleshooting necessary to best meet our requirements. We are so thankful to Kelley Electrical Service because they installed a much better system of circuits and interior lighting than we knew even to ask for. For example, their electrical contractors installed wall outlets in groups of four and connected every outlet to a ground fault interrupter for a minimal cost. They also installed dedicated outlets for an ac unit and a 240 volt outlet for a kiln. This minimizes the need for extension cords and keeps everyone safe. The art studio is now illuminated by well placed and efficient dimming lighting thanks to their lighting consultants. We highly recommend Kelley Electric, Lighting & Design to any individual or business owner who wants the highest quality lighting, wiring and electrical repairs by licensed electricians who really know their stuff and care about your safety and convenience. We have already used them ourselves in their capacity as residential electricians to do some home automation, exterior lighting and to utilize solar energy to heat our pool. Their audio visual consultants gave us a free consultation and had some great ideas for our indoor system and they also had an impressive array of solar energy equipment to meet our needs.

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